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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holiday to South Africa

I am so happy because spring will soon be over and turns into summer, times for vacation with family. We plan to go abroad to South Africa this summer. We will visit various tourist destinations and attend participate in events such as Inaugural South African Health Tourism Congress held at Sandton Convention Center in Johannesburg South Africa.

It will be nice if we can join this even, because this is a fantastic event and 1000's of fans from England will be attending. This English-fan is known as Barmy Army and very famous.

We must prepare all holiday needs and think of nice accommodations. About the hotel where we will stay, we have found it through the Sandton Convention Center Accommodation. We have found one of the cheap hotels in South Africa but have a wonderful service.

If you plan to vacation and attend this event, I recommend to you to visit this site: because this site is very helpful as a guide, and all Sandton delegates can research here.


  1. Have a nice summer vacation ya Mbak :D
    Oleh-olehnya bakal nyampe ke Jkt gak ya??? :P

  2. senengnya yang liburan...
    bagi oleh2 cerita ya??

  3. aahh, i'm going to south africa too next year!! can't wait to go there!!!

  4. asiiikkk nduk jija mo liburannya jauh kaliii sini-sini, ke st louis aja :)

    selamat berlibur yaa... semoga sukses ditunggu ceritanya...

  5. Kayak nya seru tuh, tp kapan ya bisa holiday kesana... :(


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