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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online Shop

In the modern era, we can get almost everything much easier. For example when we want to purchase something quicker, we can do it online. There are many online shops providing various wonderful stuffs whit reasonable price, even with discounts. Just by opening the online shops, customers can select the items they want to purchase. Within a couple of days, the product will be delivered to your address. So, you can save your money, time and energy. It is easier, isn’t?

Several weeks ago, my neighbor has just bought Xbox 360 Platinum System by online for her kids. She bought at She found amazing stuffs like game for kids. She also bought the accessories that she can modify the game. She told me, she really felts comfortable shopping online. Hmmm… I think I will also try to shop there.


  1. Absolutely right! But just very carefull when we do shopping online, make sure the website is trustworthy!! JengSri usually like to do shopping online only in Ebbay. Lots of things JengSri could get in there, especially the coolest fashion brand such as karen Millen. OMG, JengSri loves that brand so badly!!!!

  2. you must have your trutsy shop then. Xbox oh not, i want that stuff....

  3. my english is very bad , but i got it . :))

  4. wakakakkaka :)), follow mastree :|

  5. i've ever bought 4 books via online shop, and one of the book is broken ...
    i've already called that shop to ask an exchange, but until now they never send me the book. Hiks ... hiks...

    Duuuh aku ngomong apaan yaa?? mudah-mudahan my english cukup dimengerti, maklum dah belajar bertahun-tahun tp gak maju-maju. Kurang latihan sih :(

  6. klu online shop langganan kita mah ebay aja :D


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