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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Allegory of the City by Scott Moffatt

The Allegory of the City is the first solo album of Scott Moffatt. This album has been released since 2006, too bad I knew this a few weeks ago. I knew it from his myspace. You can listen to some his songs on the album The Allegory of the City there. According to his myspace, Scott wrote, performed, mixed and produced the whole album all by himself though he did have some help from his fans for inspiration. He asking fans to send in instruments they found around the house, sound effects they recorded and household objects he could use in the recording process. Beyond an acoustic guitar, the entire record is composed from instruments those fans all over the world contributed. Yups, This guy has real talent and very creative.

I am so happy be able to listen to his voice again, because he is my idol since I was 13 years old. Yesterday I bought his new CD "The Allegory Of The City" on his official website. I hope I will receive it as soon as possible…
Well, it will be nice if I can meet him someday Oooooh that’s impossible I guess…

Good Luck for you Scott I will always love you and your music


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